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PUBLISHED: 13th Jun 2024

We had the very unpleasant task of very recently advising a Client on making an offer to settle a Rent Repayment Order claim launched by ruthless former Tenants as she had unwittingly overlooked House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) requirements.

The property had been Let to a Couple and Two friends and necessitating a HMO Licence being required, which she and her Former Agents both overlooked for some reason!

Tenants are more and more being notified of Landlords responsibilities and duties and regretfully a minority leap on errors / omissions to gain large financial rewards!

In this case over £20,000.00 has had to be offered to try and settle the matter!
Most of Ealing and now Brent require every Rented property to have at least a Selective Licence which lasts for Five years.

The cost of complying is Tax deductible and must be also compensated by making sure at all times your Rent is a Market Rate, to reward you accordingly.We are always available to provide solid pragmatic advice as we consistently keep up to date with Legal Requirements and trends.
Please let us help you avoid those nasty traps!

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P.S Better still, let us manage your Tenancies to save you considerable time and make sure you are 1000% Compliant!!!  As well as ensuring a very profitable return.
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