Tenant Fees

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Fees for Tenants

In line with the Tenant Fees Act 2019, as of 1st June 2019, we are not charging our tenants any administration fees.


    There are NO TENANT ADMINISTRATION FEES. Please note, it is a standard requirement for any Applicant, before moving into a property, to provide at least One Month’s deposit up to a maximum of Five Week’s Equivalent and One Month’s Rent.


    To Reserve a property, potential Tenants are required to pay a Holding Fee (also known as a Reservation Fee) of the equivalent of One Week’s Rent.  If for any reason the tenancy does not complete, the Holding Fee will be refunded in full to the Tenant.

    If the tenancy completes, the Holding Fee will become part of the Deposit.

    If a Tenant loses a key, the Tenant will be responsible for the cost of a new key (without any markup)

    If a Tenant requests a change to the Tenancy and the Landlord consents, then the Tenant will be responsible for any further referencing fee per additional person of £50 plus Vat (£60 inclusive of Vat), and the cost toward the revision of the tenancy agreement of £50 plus Vat (£60 inclusive of Vat)

    If the Tenant has to break the contract early, the Tenant is then responsible for compensating the Landlord with at least the equivalent of Two Month’s Rent or for payment of Rent until a new Tenant is found where required.

    If a Tenant leaves the property before the Six-month break clause period, then they must continue paying the rent until a new Tenant is found for the property, or until the Six-month break clause period is reached, whichever is the sooner and which time, the Tenant would be responsible for paying the equivalent of a further Two Month’s Rent to the expiry date of the break Clause if, necessary, also the Tenant will still need to cover the Landlord’s costs in surrendering the tenancy and re-letting the property in addition.

    If agreed with the Tenant, then this could be deducted from the deposit.  If the amount exceeds the deposit amount, then the Tenant would still be liable.

    A Late Rent Penalty fee of 3% (no Vat) above the Bank of England Base Rate could be charged to the Tenant if the Rent is 14 days Late or over.

    For Tenant Fees please see above. 

    For Landlord Fees please see the Landlords section of our website.

    For Terms and Conditions please see Terms sections of our website.

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