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PUBLISHED: 19th Jun 2024


Although many consider the Labour Party to have already Won It, there are some certainties which still will follow.

People will still want to Sell Property and Buyers will still want to Buy.

Landlords will still want to Let, and People will still need to Rent.

Capital Growth of Properties will still gradually increase, as it always has.

In 1984 the Writer bought a Two Bedroom Maisonette in a London Borough for £26,750.00 and today it is worth over £320,000.00.

Ideally the future of Housing both Public and the Private Rented Sector should be very studiously planned for by only a Non-Political very serious Body to make sure there is a consistent supply of good condition Property and the rules relating to Sales and Renting are both fair and progressive.

Private Landlords shouldn’t be consistently without proper foresight targeted by Populist policies!

A shortage has been created as a result with record Rent levels transpiring!

Housing is too important not to be, finally properly Overseen and Developed!

Meanwhile there are always Tried and Trusted ways to obtain best Value and Returns, whilst ensuring a Buyer or Tenant is more than expected satisfied, so that both parties to a transaction are perfectly contented and are kept so.


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Residential and Commercial 19.06.2024

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