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To All Non-Managed Landlords

PUBLISHED: 20th Nov 2023

We hope you are all well.
More than ever, we would suggest that to benefit most from your Property Investment you need to be considerably Professional.
To achieve this more and more Clients are asking us to manage the Tenancy.
The Time Saving is considerable for them.
-Rents are maximised.
-Expenses minimalised.
-Repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently.
-Tenant satisfaction is kept very high, so much so that Tenancies Lengths are optimised.
-Compliance is adhered to strictly of course.
-Landlords can concentrate on other matters and make optimal use of their precious time.

Please speak to us at your earliest convenience so we can fully advise you of this very profound change of operations which, we assure you, you will only see a great benefit from.

From opening in 2000, DM & Co in Sudbury Hill, Harrow operate on simple, straight forward and open friendly but professional basis only.

Office address

170 Greenford Road,
Sudbury Hill,
Harrow, Middx,
United Kingdom,

Tel: 0208 864 5775
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